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  • Mom announces son's death on twitter

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    As she points out, she didn't provide "tweet by tweet" updates of the incident, but I think what's bothering people here is that online social media have become so second nature that she seemed to think of that before anything else at a time like this. And how well does she really know those who "follow" her on Twitter?

  • Teacher in trouble for taking High School students to Hooters

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I have to be honest, I'm torn on this one. Have you seen how high school girls dress these days? Yeah, I know it was Hooters, but not a strip club. Unless there is something else in her record we're not being told, doesn't this sound a bit excessive to you? And she planned to retire next month anyway!

  • Has Bush hating run out of gas for the dems?

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Liberal columnist E.J. Dionne still tries to blame President Bush for all the "messes" he left, but admits that the Bush hatred that fueled the Democratic surge in the last 3 years has flamed out. Why this has happened makes perfect sense. Beyond blaming Bush for everything all democrats had was 50 year old ideas: Universal Health Care, anti-war, kiss union butt. None of that stuff plays with voters. With "Bush lied people died" off the table, Democrats are in a tailspin. Funny how Dionne at the same time still blames Bush himself and blames Bush-blaming for the current quagmire democrats find themselves in.

  • A Major Payne for the Sheboygan Mayor

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    When these scandals first broke, I said Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan should resign. New developments cast doubt on Angela Payne's story. As I said at the time, it didn't matter if she was lying through her teeth, Ryan made her story credible with his youtube captured behavior. So far, Ryan has kept his nose clean and Payne's credibility is being called into question. My guess is he'll survive, if he doesn't stumble again.

  • "Out the Window..."

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    You could say State Representative Jeff Wood tossed his political career out the window with repeated driving under the influence allegations. But in an ultimate act of self-parody, it's suspected Wood actually escaped out his office window yesterday, rather than face reporters after voting for tougher drunk driving regulations.

  • No peeking behind the curtain...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This piece by the Denver Posts's David Harsanyi makes several excellent points. He attempted to use a Freedom of information request for additional emails of Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at The National Center for Atmospheric Research. Trenberth has argued that comments of his included in the hacked climate-gate emails were taken out of context. Harsanyi was arguing that seeing additional Trenberth emails would rectify this.

    Harsanyi was rebuffed because the NCAR, while receiving oodles of federal funds, isn't a federal agency. After Trenberth's childish retort below, Harsanyi makes a brilliant point; even if NCAR isn't a federal agency, it gets federal dollars and could ultimately play a vital role in changing the world as we know it. So his argument goes, they should be subject to the FOIA:

    "Why don't you put all your e-mails online for everyone to see?" Trenberth helpfully suggested to me. "My e-mail is none of your business."

    Now, generally, I would agree. It's every American citizen's hallowed duty to mind his or her own freaking business -- except in those rare instances when one of those citizens happens to be a taxpayer-funded eco-crusader utilizing his appointed station in life to promote policy that sticks its nose into the lives of every American.

    I'm afraid snarky columnizing, on the other hand, is not federally funded -- at least not yet.

    In fact, Trenberth's work is one reason the nation is moving toward rationed energy use via cap-and-trade legislation. His work is one reason the Environmental Protection Agency, through its endangerment findings on carbon emissions, can regulate industry by decree. It is Trenberth's government-financed science that drives public policy across this country. Yet Trenberth has less accountability to the public than the local parks department.

    He raises a great question that goes well beyond the global warming debate. Should non-governmental entities who launder taxpayer money through federal agencies be allowed to skirt the FOIA? Especially when, as Harsanyi puts it, the target is a "taxpayer-funded eco-crusader utilizing his appointed station in life to promote policy that sticks its nose into the lives of every American?

  • The politics of fear...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    How often did we hear it? "Republicans are using the threat of terrorism to engage in the politics of fear." They often likened it to the red scare of the 50's. The big difference, of course, was we REALLY were hit on 9/11. The threat was real. You want politics of fear, check this out: President Obama says the federal government will go bankrupt without health care reform.

    Consider this passage from ABC's story:

    “If we don't pass it, here's the guarantee….your premiums will go up, your employers are going to load up more costs on you,” he said. “Potentially they're going to drop your coverage, because they just can't afford an increase of 25 percent, 30 percent in terms of the costs of providing health care to employees each and every year. “

    The president said that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are on an “unsustainable” trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, “the federal government will go bankrupt.”

    What actions to bring down the "unsustainable" costs of Medicare and Medicaid, wouldn't add further costs to the federal government? Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable because they're government provided health care, so the solution is broader government provided health care? But the level of fear being used here reveals just how desperate they are to pass something, anything, believing it's better than passing nothing. I'm of the school of thought that democrats suffered from Hillarycare not because they failed to pass it because they tried to. I believe it's a lesson democrats have mis-learned to their peril and, more importantly, to the country's peril


  • Schumer calls a flight attendant the "b-word"

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Senator Schumer calls a flight attendant a bitch when she tells him to turn off his phone. Read this carefully and see if you can spot the lie in this story. If you think you know what I'm referring to, feel free to comment and show us how smart you are! It's actually pretty easy.

  • Democratic Big Tent not big enough to include Lieberman

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    The left's treatment of Joe Lieberman is a case study in liberal hypocrisy when it comes to "the big tent theory." The left keeps trying to tell the right that Republicans are in the minority because they're not inclusive enough. I've long argued that of the two ideolgies, it's the left that has a far greater purity test than the right. moveon.org is protesting at Lieberman's office because he dares to not tow the line on Obamacare? Remember he was their veep candidate in 2000.

  • Omnibus spending Bonanza

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Christmas comes early. This is just the NE Wisconsin handout. There are stories around the state of how Wisconsin made out in the 1.1 Trillion dollar handout.