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  • Boston Suspect Charged, Won't be Treated as Enemy Combatant

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I concede, there are risks here. But I also accept the argument that this decision had to be made so quickly. Yes,to make the final decision to treat him as an enemy combatant without establishing a link to an organized terror group is risky. But so his excluding the possibility before you rule out such a possible link.

    This seemed to be a fait accompli, regardless of what we do or don't know about possible connections to Al Qaeda or any other group. The Obama administration is quick to wipe off the face of the earth suspected terrorists on foreign soil and is just as quick to offer the protection of our criminal justice system to those in custody on our soil.

  • Outrage over UW Fund Grows

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    They're trying to walk a fine line here. University officials are trying to play the "there's nothing to see here citizens, move along" card while it appears even they didn't know how large the surplus was. It took a small army of bean counters to unearth this. As I discussed with Joint Finance Committee co-chair John Nygren on the air today, it's hard to say which would be worse, hiding the surplus, or being ignorant to it. 

    And it seems unclear which way the regents want to plead at this point. But it seems they've morphed from, "it's not that big" to "it's not that uncommon." Stay tuned.

  • Politifact Checks if Chris Christie Really Watched Scooby Doo When He was Four

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    No Really, they did. I don't even know where to begin with this. At some points they seem to be having fun with this, but they don't quite go all the way here. So in the end, they just look silly. I'm a year older than Christie so yeah, I can confirm I was seven when the cartoon debuted (I actually remember the premiere, I thought it was werid and didn't understand the concept).

    Clearly, Christie was trying to relate to a four year old child. As I said, the piece at times seems to be making fun of those going after Christie for this, but in the end play it as a straight analysis, concluding Christie was wrong but this is too stupid to care about, although they don't use those words. But if you're going to give Christie "a pass" why not give him a pass entirely and not do this stupid piece?

  • Worst Career Start, Ever!

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This is a broadcasters worst nightmare. I often see broadcasters around me break the first commandment of on-air work: assume EVERY microphone is live. This guy will have nightmares about this for years, regardless of how his career works out. I have to admit, I (and many other broadcasters) are lucky that viral video and audio didn't exist when we were starting out...

  • Don't Rule Out Anything

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    It does seem that there is a rush to conclude that these brothers acted largely alone. And this piece is right; that would fit into the Obama administration narrative that Al Qaeda is, for all intents and purposes, dead. But is really all that reassuring to believe that legal residents and citizens can become radicalized and do what organized Al Qaeda no longer can?

    But it is indeed dangerous to conclude that there is no formal organization behind the planning of the Boston bombings and certainly seems premature to do so. That may be the case. It might have been the case in Benghazi. It wasn't.

  • Student Arrest for Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt to School

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    You read that right. Distrubing the peace and disrupting the educational process? The T-shirt included the NRA local and a picture of a rifle. Good God, from the school's reaction you'd think the kid came to school with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder. Various reporting on this suggests that there is no prohibtion on record with the school district of this type of attire.

    This another example of an effort by the left to bully into silence opinions they find offensive. James Taranto had a brilliant piece on this last phenomenon last week. If a teacher or administrator doesn't like guns, they do not want to be reminded they exist or that their is a constitutional right to own them. That this kid was suspended is insane. That he was arrested is frightening. Or at least it should be, if you're paying attention.

  • Meanwhile, Back at The Butcher's Trial

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Just as the media started paying attention to the Kermit Gosnell trial came the week of one huge news story after another, to give them cover from covering the trial they didn't want to cover. But the testimony continued to be as dramatic as ever. This piece also points out that Planned Parenthood seemed to be aware of Gosnell's butchery. The abortion industry is trying to paint Gosnell as a "one off," an exception to its "safe and legal" rule.

    But it also has been revealed during this trial that so-called "reputable" abortion providers referred women to Gosnell when they were too far along for those clinics to provide abortions. It appears the industry may have been quite aware of the "work" Gosnell was doing.

  • Treat Suspect as Enemy Combatant

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Given that John McCain seems to arbitrarily pick which side of an issue he'll take, I guess it's not surprising that from time to time he ends up on what I consider to be the right side. This is one of those times. McCain is among a group of lawmakers asking that the Boston terror suspect taken alive be treated as an enemy combatant rather than ejoy the protections of our criminal justice system. That the group is right about this seems obvious to me.

    The public safety exception under which the suspect was not Marandized upon his arrest Friday night is a very brief one. He should not be interrogated, with harsh tactics, to learn the inception of this attack and the extent to which any others may have been involved. The Obama administration has been downright bipolar on terror. It'll blast to hell suspected terrrorists on foreign soil, but if one is taken into custody, they're treated like a common burglar; they are given the full protection of judicial process.

    Americans should take heart that by the end of the week the suspects in the Boston bombings were either dead or in custody. Law enforcement did a spectacular job in the investigative process of this attack (note I said attack and not crime). It's time now to treat the surviving suspect as the enemy of the State that he is. McCain, of course, wouldn't want to see him waterboarded. But at least the Arizona Senator also doesn't want to seem him with a public defender. And on that note, can you imagine the number of defense attorneys literally salivating at the hope that this guy will stand trial in civilian court?

  • Anti-Rape Underwear Shocks Attacker...

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    With 3.8 million volts. The designers say there is no danger of the wearer recieving the shock. They don't want to reveal further details until they have a patent. As the father of two daughters, I'll be curious to track the progress of this prototype.

  • Study: No Negative Impacts From School Choice

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I missed this one while I was in DC this week. In a nutshell:

    "These results are not difficult to explain," writes Forster. "School choice improves academic outcomes by allowing students to find the schools that best match their needs, and by introducing healthy competition that keeps schools mission-focused. It saves money by eliminating administrative bloat and rewarding good stewardship of resources. It breaks down the barriers of residential segregation, drawing students together from diverse communities."

  • UW Slush Fund

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    State Senator Glenn Grothman made waves earlier this month on the topic of UW Tution on my show. The media always tries to paint Glenn as "out there," but even I didn't know how right on he was with this one, until this story broke yesterday. Not surprisingly, the UW is trying to downplay the size of the fund. Given the effort to paint Walker and Republicans as those who would starve public education, including the universeity system of money, this is a huge story. Clearly the UW will benefit from this story breaking when all hell is breaking loose on the national scene.

    That means it'll be up to conservative talk radio in Wisconsin to bring this to the front burner.