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  • Try to Imagine If George W. Bush Had Said This

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    This statement shows the naivete of a child.  The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is an existential one. I don't recall The U.S. challenging Canada's right to exist. As several bloggers pointed out, it's hard to recall a time when Canada was lobbing missiles at the U.S. Then again, if they did and hit Detroit, we might not even notice.

    But this is no joking matter. This comparison illustrates that President Obama doesn't have an even basic understanding of the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. No this isn't childlike naivete. It's a dazed Rodney King asking "can we all just get along?" No Mr. President, they can't.

  • What "Renewable" Energies are Costing Wisconsin

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    I was running short on time this morning on the show and touched on this, very briefly. You'll want to read the study, but here's the bulle points from WPRI:



    Law Mandating Use of Renewable Energy Costing Wisconsinites Hundreds of Millions


    Beacon Hill Institute study says Renewable Portfolio Standard benefits often overstated as well   



    A new study released today by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has found that the state law requiring the use of electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar will cost Wisconsinites $788 million between now and 2017.


    Commonly referred to as the Renewable Portfolio Standard, the law passed in 1998 and rewritten since then has been forcing utilities in the state to gradually increase the amount of energy from  renewable sources. Under current law, 10% of electricity will have to come from renewable sources by 2016, although there is a movement in the Legislature to increase the requirement to 25% by 2025.


    Utilities are allowed to pass on all “compliance costs” associated with the RPS to consumers, including both businesses and individuals.


    “Legislators might want to pause and consider the economic impact the RPS is already having on homeowners and businesses before moving any further down the road,” said WPRI  President George Lightbourn. “Renewables significantly increase electricity costs, and that has a real impact on individual Wisconsinites’ pocketbooks and the overall economy.”


    In 2016, according to the analysis done by the Beacon Hill Institute, the current RPS will increase the average household electricity bill by $25 per year, the average commercial business bill by $200 per year and the average industrial business bill by over $15,000 per year. In that year alone, electricity will be 2.4% more costly than it would be without the RPS mandate – a total cost of $208 million.


    RPS proponents sometimes argue that the renewable energy industry has created jobs. In 2016 alone however, the study concludes, increased energy costs and the impact to Wisconsin companies’ bottom-lines will lower employment by an estimated 1,780 jobs.


    The Beacon Hill Institute study,  The Economic Impact of Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, also examined the extent to which the use of renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and pointed out an often overlooked fact. Wind and solar are “intermittent technologies” that require reliable backup generation from other traditional sources of electricity.


    “The cycling of coal and (to a much lesser extent) gas plants as backup sources cause them to run inefficiently and produce more emissions than if the intermittent technologies were not present,” according to the study.


    A copy of the study is available at www.wpri.org .

    The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, established in 1987, is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit think tank working to engage Wisconsinites in discussions and timely action on key public policy issues critical to the state’s future.

    The Beacon Hill Institute is located at Suffolk University in Boston.


  • NFL Passes Running Back Helmet Rule

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    There is no question this will fundamentally change the game. So running backs, who have been taught from about 8 years old on to lower their pad level now have to take care not to dip their helmet so as to lead with the crown? There is no way the game can be played the way it is today with this rule.

    This piece makes a great point about how this rule is fundamentally different from previous rules designed to keep players from using their helmet as a weapon in a catastrophic way:

    But this running back rule is targeting something different — necessary violence. The game of football involves thousands of small-scale violent collisions. Until now, a running back crashing into a defender with his head was considered a part of how the game is played. It was an example of the inherent violence of the sport.

    "Necessary violence." How can you play running back in the NFL without leading with your helmet at one point or another.

  • Media Trackers Treatment of the Treatment Dan Bice Gave Me

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    In  the interest of full disclosure, Dan Bice changed some things in the post at my request.  And I got the sense that after we talked he wanted to be fair. Of course, had we talked before his initial post, I believe it would have looked much different, if he even chose to do it at all had we spoken first. But Brian's point here is a valid one; I tickle the Milwaukee market, at best, by being on in Sheboygan. And Bice has turned a blind eye not only to Sylvester but to Graeme Zielinski's years of baying at the moon in an official capacity for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

    But the reality is Brian that Sylvester is more irrelevant than ever. He's now on an even smaller pea shooter than he was before. Perhaps Bice can be forgiven for ignoring someone as unimportant, irrelevant and lightly listened to as Sylvester. Zielinski was an official spokesman for a major political party and as such Bice should have chronicled his lunatic ravings much sooner. Sylvester is a worse joke than the one I mangled and well worth ignoring. Of course, Bice didn't think Sylvester was all that irrelevant, he did appear on his show several times.

    But my advice Brian is to ignore Sylvester; he went away once, he will again, sooner rather than later. It's what happens when your listenership is limited to the very rabid liberal base(paging Jud Lounsbury). That doesn't pay the bills and a station in Monroe won't have the patience WTDY did. 

  • School Superintendents Praise Act 10

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    Yes, they still have state funding concerns. But to hear a superintendent of schools referring to Act 10 "as the gift that will keep on giving..." is truly music to the ears. That "gift" was hard fought for by Scott Walker and other Republicans. I hope the supers remember that. And I hope they remember they statewide, nearly two year long temper tantrum school employees threw to try to fight this "gift."

    One other thought on this story. Green Bay schools are fighting voucher expansion tooth and nail; why did they bail on a conference call bashing it???

  • The True Story About Life in Porn

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    It's true; human beings can come to accept anything as routine. This woman talks about vaginal tearing and anal prolapse the way a demolition expert might discuss the risks of his(or her) job. As if on-camera sex isn't degrading enough, this woman and others have their bodies seriously damaged in the name of entertainment.

    She compares it to sports and its injuries. We are currently debating whether pro football is barbaric. I cannot fathom a woman sustaining these types of injuries during this type of act  for money. And while she is trying to expose the realities of it to the unknowing, she still seems to feel it all "comes with the territory."

  • We'll take that as "no."

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    A Colorado reporter had the temerity to ask WH flak Jay Carney if President Obama might end(or perhaps at least suspend) his lavish lifestyle as he proposes far more essential cuts. Carney's official response: "Look a squirrel!" Not quite, but close.(via The Weekly Standard)

  • CNN Sympathetic to Ohio Rapists

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    At least she gets to the part where it's a very serious crime. Eventually. But even then she attempts to mitigate that by pointing out the acts were alcohol fueled. How could anybody sit through this and be moved by what the defendants had to "endure."

  • Walker Downplays Presidential Talk

    Posted by Jerry Bader

    As I said over the weekend, this talk is a green banana; it's just too early. I'm convinced Governor Walker is open to the idea of running for President, but I'm also quite sure he's not consumed with the idea. Whether next year's re-election bid is a coast or a dog fight will be a factor.

    How many of his reformist goals are unfulfilled when the Presidential campaign season begins? What does the rest of the field look like? Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal will be formidable, to say the least. And Walker and Jindal are essentially the same product; reformist conservative governors. And I do believe a reformer with executive experience will be a better choice than a senator for Republicans in 2016, unless Washington's reputation improves, dramatically, between now and then.

    This might be on Walker's radar, but it's a faint blip on the edge of the screen. Only time will tell if it grows closer, brighter and louder.