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  • You Quote Shakespeare More Than You Think!

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    FULL STORY:  We don't talk about WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE on the show too much . . . because if we did, you'd fall asleep and drive off the road.  But this is actually pretty interesting.


    Check out ten unexpected words that can be traced back to him.  (He didn't necessarily come up with ALL of them.  But their oldest known usage is in one of his plays.)



    1.  Eyeballs.  It's used in Act 3 of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"(Oberon says to Puck, quote, "Make his eyeballs roll with wonted sight.")




    2.  Puking.  It comes from Act 2 of "As You Like It"(The line is, quote, "The infant, mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.")




    3.  Cold-Blooded.  The first recorded usage of it is in the play "King John"(The line is, quote, "Thou cold-blooded slave, hast thou not spoke like thunder on my side?")




    4.  Hot-Blooded.  In "King Lear", it's used to describe the King of France.  (Quote, "The hot-blooded France that dowerless took our youngest born.")




    5.  Manager.  It's used in Act 5 of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"(Theseus asks, quote, "Where is our usual manager of mirth?"  The word "mirth" basically means laughter or amusement.)




    6.  New-Fangled.  It's used in the very first scene of "Love's Labour's Lost"(The line is, quote, "At Christmas, I no more desire a rose than wish a snow in May's new-fangled mirth.")




    7.  Moonbeam.  It's used in the third act of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"(The line is, quote, "And pluck the wings from painted butterflies to fan the moonbeams from his sleeping eyes.")   




    8.  Torture.  The first recorded usage of it is in part two of "King Henry [the 6th]"(The line is, quote, "Alas, master, I am not able to stand alone.  You go about to torture me in vain.")




    9.  Marketable.  It's used in the second scene of "As You Like It"(The line is, quote, "We shall be the more marketable.")




    10.  Bedazzled.  It's from "The Taming of the Shrew", but obviously he wasn't talking about one of those rhinestone BeDazzlers they sell on TV.  (The line goes, quote, "Pardon, old father, my mistaking eyes that have been so bedazzled with the sun, that everything I look on seemeth green.")


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    If you are tired of having 10 fingers, the by all means try this... but if you like having all your digits where God put them, then just watch this cool vid and walk away.

  • Good News from Boston

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    As you've probably watched the video of the attacks yesterday, you saw an elderly man fall right after the blast...  What happened to him?


    78-Year-Old Runner Behind Iconic Image Tells His Story: ‘I Knew I Was Going to Hit the Deck’


    Just several yards short of the finish line, 78-year-old runner Bill Iffrig was knocked to the ground by one of the two explosions to strike the Boston Marathon Monday.

    His experience has now become an iconic image that’s gone viral both in video and via this still photograph captured by Boston Globe Photographer John Tlumacki and Tweeted thousands of times:

    “I had just come around the last corner, heading for the finish line. I was within 15 feet of the finish line and all the sudden this blast went off, and oh my God it was so loud,” he told Seattle’s KOMO News.

    “I didn’t even have time to think about what it was about. My whole body started getting woozy and my legs were wobbling and I knew I was going to hit the deck,” he said.

    After falling to the ground, he realized he had just a scrape on his knee, so with the help of race assistants, he got up and crossed the finish line.


  • How Does a Dumbass Get Fired?

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    Just like this...


    I hope the driver gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The passenger needs to sue the driver and the bus company.  Acts of stupidity like this must be punished to the extreme.

    What do you think?



  • Is This Cool or Scary?

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    Pentagon to Build Robots With ‘Real’ Brains

    Paul Joseph Watson
    April 11, 2013

    A Pentagon-funded team of scientists have constructed a machine that functions like a human brain and would enable robots to think independently and act autonomously.

    Researchers for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) have created a device that “looks and ‘thinks’ like a human brain,” James K. Gimzewski, professor of chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, told National Defense Magazine.

    The program is called “physical intelligence” and is capable, “without being programmed like a traditional robot, of performing actions similar to humans,” making it the first incarnation of a robot that can perform “truly autonomously” without human input.

    “What sets this new device apart from any others is that it has nano-scale interconnected wires that perform billions of connections like a human brain, and is capable of remembering information,” writes Sandra I. Erwin. “Each connection is a synthetic synapse. A synapse is what allows a neuron to pass an electric or chemical signal to another cell. Because its structure is so complex, most artificial intelligence projects so far have been unable to replicate it.”

    The technology would allow drones to be created that do not need human operators, machines that would be able to learn and navigate through terrain completely of their own accord.

    According to Erwin, it is not yet confirmed whether the Pentagon will look to apply the technology to weapons systems.

    However, given the fact that the vast majority of DARPA’s work in robotics is geared towards creating an army of battlefield soldiers, it’s not a huge leap to make.

    Numerous experts have warned that robots currently being developed in the name of humanitarian assistance will ultimately be used to kill enemy soldiers and accused terrorists.

    Noel Sharkey, professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield, has repeatedly warned that the robots currently being developed under the auspices of DARPA will eventually be used to kill.

    “Of course if it’s used for combat, it would be killing civilians as well as it’s not going to be able to discriminate between civilians and soldiers,” said Sharkey.

    Last month, award-winning military writer and former intelligence officer Lt. Col. Douglas Pryer also wrote an essay warning of the threat posed by remorseless “killer robots” that will be used to stalk and slaughter human targets in the near future.

    In a 50-page report published last year, Human Rights Watch also warned that artificially intelligent robots let loose on the battlefield would inevitably commit war crimes.

    Last year, experts at the prestigious University of Cambridge announced a project to conduct research into the “extinction-level risks” posed to humanity by artificially intelligent robots.

    Flying drones that communicate with each other are also being developed for “hunting terrorists” and other “homeland security” purposes, as well as UAVs that could one day snatch humans off the street.

    The fact that DARPA’s latest robotic creation looks human is also not going to do anything to dampen fears about the “rise of the machines”.

  • I Love These Pranks!

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    Just makes me think, Why don't I have enough time on my hands to think of, develop and pull off something like this?