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  • The 10 Best and Worst Sports Teams to Root For!

    Posted by Seth Mela

    Each year, ESPN ranks every team in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and baseball to see which fans have it the best . . . and worst.  They look at how good the team is . . . how likeable their players are . . . and how much tickets cost.  Here are the BEST teams to root for: 


    #1.)  Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA:  The Heat beat them in the Finals, but they came in 31st.

     #2.)  Green Bay Packers, NFL:  They finished first in "stadium experience."

     #3.)  San Antonio Spurs, NBA:  They had the best owner, best coach, most likeable players . . . and were the most fan-friendly team.

     #4.)  Indiana Pacers, NBA.

     #5.)  Memphis Grizzlies, NBA:  They were the best value for fans.

     #6.)  Phoenix Coyotes, NHL.

     #7.)  Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL.

     #8.)  New Orleans Saints, NFL.

     #9.)  Texas Rangers, Major League Baseball.

     #10.)  Arizona Diamondbacks, Major League Baseball.  


     --Here are the WORST teams to root for: 


     #1.)  Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL:  They have the least affordable tickets.

     #2.)  Sacramento Kings, NBA:  Their owners . . . the Maloof brothers . . . were the worst in ALL sports.

    #3.)  Charlotte Bobcats, NBA:  They have the worst coach and front office in sports.

    #4.)  New York Islanders, NHL:  They have the most miserable stadium experience.

    #5.)  Washington Wizards, NBA:  They're the least fan-friendly team.

    #6.)  Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball.

    #7.)  Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL:  They have the least likeable players and the least chance of winning a championship in their fans' lifetimes.

     #8.)  St. Louis Rams, NFL.

     #9.)  Edmonton Oilers, NHL.

     #10.)  New York Knicks, NBA.  


    --Some other teams you might care about:  The Chicago Cubs were 112th out of 122 teams . . . the Yankees were 82nd . . . the Lakers were 89th . . .  The Dallas Cowboys were 86th . . . and the Oakland Raiders were 96th. 


    Thank you ESPN!

  • A Brief Introduction!

    Posted by Seth Mela

    Hello my friends! Thanks for taking a minute to read my first Blog entry!  Let's get started with a quick introduction, what do you say?  First of all, I am a second generation Floridian, was born in Lakeland and except for a few years in Billings, Montana and Orlando, Florida, I lived there all my life.  I know what you’re thinking, “HAVE YOU HEARD OF WINTER?”.  The answer is yes, but I was promised by my boss that the winters are “mild” here in Wausau.  I can trust that, right? As far as education is concerned, I graduated from Lakeland High School, and the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.

    Usually, when someone has a degree in English Literature, you’d think they’d become a teacher or maybe even go into Law or Politics, right? Yeah, not me. I immediately put my degree to good use and became a financial professional and a licensed Personal Financial Engineer. Oooohhhh, doesn’t that sound impressive? I opened a financial consulting firm, gave it the snazy name MELA Professional Services in 1999 and developed a video production company; MELApro Studios with my wife Kris. In my spare time, I was a loving husband, father, and all around really great guy.

    I got my start in broadcasting in 2004 when a colleague invited me to be on a financial talk show once a month. That turned into a regular weekly appearance, then into an offer to host my own financial show. Eventually, because I never stopped pestering the station management, I got my own morning show in 2007! I must have done a really good job with the morning show because when the station sold in 2008, I was told by the new owners, as often happens in the radio biz, “We love your show, it’s a shame we have to take you off the air”. I still have the bruise where the door hit me on the way out.

    The family at WLKF took pity on me when they saw me standing on the street corner outside the studios holding a sign that read, “will do radio for food” and offered me the chance to be on the crew of Mayhem in the AM. It wasn’t long before I took that show over as well. 

    Recently, the wonderful people at WSAU offered me the opportunity to become part of the Midwest Communications family.  The beautiful area of Wausau and the amazingly friend people won us over right away and we’ve decided to make this our home! Pat is leaving me with rather large shoes to fill, but I think I'm up to the task and I'm excited and eager for you and I to get to know each other on the show!

    I’ve enjoyed a rather interesting life so far, and sometimes to the chagrin of my family, I’m quick to share my experiences and observations with you. Now, you're assignment should you choose to accept it is to listen every morning to find out what’s next!