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A not-so-good game, and what's left

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) Thank you for taking some time to read the blog during your holiday weekend. (The team bus was half-empty at the end of the Lakeland game, with many team members and their families heading north instead of back to the DC Everest campus.)

About that Lakeland game... yes, the Evergreens won 14-7, and, yes, they rallied again with lots of late-inning hitting. But we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking it was a good win. It wasn't. The Evergreens defense committed 5 more errors. Again it took several pitching changes to find someone who could consistently throw strikes. Those could be season-ending shortcomings in the playoffs against better teams. Truth is, the Evergreens feasted off Lakeland pitching that allowed 11 walks and committed some costly errors of their own. I thought the Evergreens were just-good-enough for their 6th straight win. Not all wins are pretty.

Everest has two more conference games remaining. They should win both and finish the season at 7-5, good for second place. Brady Borrell will probably start against Merrill on Tuesday, and Everest will be trying to avenge an earlier 8-5 loss. That April game in Merrill was a cold, windy, raw day. Sean Leudtke and Austin Solomon both struggled with the weather. Everest is a better hitting team than the Blue Jays, and Merrill inflated their record to 9-11 with three-straight wins over bad teams.

The Evergreens close out their conference schedule on Thursday at Wausau-East. The Lumberjacks are in the middle of a late-season collapse, having lost 8-of-their-last-9.

Note: Tuesday's Everest-Merrill game is on tape delay after the Woodchucks season opener against LaCrosse (around 9:30 or 10pm). We'll post the podcast at EverythingEvergreens.com in real time for those who don't want to wait up late for the broadcast.

Chris Conley