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Evergreens are a #6, Wausau-West #4

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) I did a pretty good job in ranking the 12 times in the DC Everest sectional. Yesterday I picked the first 6 teams correctly.

Here are the actual rankings that were released this morning after the coach's meeting last night:

1 - Bay Port

2 - Ashwaubenon

3 - Antigo

4 - Wausau West

5 - Green Bay Southwest

6 - DC Everest

7 - Pulaski

8 - Merrill

9 - Wausau East

10 - Shawano

11 - Rhinelander

12 - New London

The top four teams get byes. The first-round match-ups on Tuesday, June 3 are:

  • Rhinelander at DC Everest (the winner will play at Antigo)
  • Wausau-East at Merrill (the winner to play at Bay Port)
  • Pulaski at Shawano (the winner to play Ashwaubenon)
  • New London at Green Bay-Southwest (the winner to play Wausau-West)

If the Evergreens had beaten Wausau-West earlier this month, or Merrill last month, they'd have the #4 slot instead of #6. Everest plays West today and Merrill on Tuesday. Both games should be wins for the Evergreens, a chance to prove that the team should be ranked higher than it is.

Chris Conley