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Final batting averages

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) The baseball season is over. Here are the final batting averages for some of the Evergreens regular starters, and my own quick comment about each of them:

Mike Plaza (.372)
The best pure hitter on the team, but he got fewer good pitches to hit late in the season, and his batting average tailed off dramatically.

Alex Kell (.337)
A streaky hitter; but he was very productive while hitting almost exclusively at the back of the batting order.

Mason Hagenbucher (.317)
He also delivered fewer hits late in the season, but kept a high on-base-percentage throughout.

Kodie Kocher (.293)
He was one of the best clutch-hitters on the team, and he added points to his batting average after being moved into the clean-up slot.

Wyatt Brown (.289)
Got off to a very slow start, while striking out on a lot of off-speed pitches. His bat heated up -- dramatically -- down the stretch.

Brady Borrell (.286)
It's hard to image he was being pinch-hit for early in the season. His bat also came alive in the second half of the year.

Chris Conley