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FOOTBALL PREVIEW - Friday's scrimage

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) Preseason football practice is completely different than when I was in high school. I remember a week of two-a-days in the hot afternoon sun. (No, I didn't play... my wise-guy friends and I would bring lemonade and a large beach umbrella, set up in the bleachers, and yell things at our football-player friends. I suppose that's why random football players would body-check me into a bank of lockers during the first day of school. And by senior year, truth be told, beer replaced lemonade.)

There's much less pre-season tackling now. The first full contact for the Evergreens will be this Fridays three-team scrimmage at Stiehm Stadium. It will be an interesting afternoon. Green Bay-Preble will be there, and theyre a good football program. Id like to see how Everest's quarterbacks handle a live pass rush. Darren Sanchez and Brady Uckert are both not as tall as youd like. Will they be able to see downfield and complete passes? They'll also be in shotgun formation (to compensate for an offensive line that needs to improve). Will they have good-enough protection? I think the Everest defense will be solid and athletic... but are they physical enough? We wont know until they see some live action.

There are also many spots on the teams depth charts that aren't finalized yet. Players will move up or down when coaches review the tape from Friday. There has also been talk of a handful of players some of them seniors who expect to start who haven't put forth full effort in practice. This week will determine whether theyll be on-the-field or watching from the sidelines when the season begins. The coaching staff has been adamant that players who outwork their teammates will be rewarded.

Friday also marks an end its the informal end of preseason practice. Next week is a game-planning week. SPASH comes calling the following Friday, and after this scrimmage the focus will be on preparing for a tough opening-night opponent.

Chris Conley