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How I spent my year

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) - The high school academic year is over, and so is my play-by-play season for D.C. Everest sports.

I've looked back at my season as the 'Voice of the Evergreens'. I covered 84 D.C. Everest athletics events in the 2013-14 season between football, hockey and basketball.

I've looked at my driving records, and I logged more than 4,300 miles covering those games. Two trips to the Milwaukee-area (hockey at University School and Marquette; basketball at the Bradley Center) rolled up more mileage than usual.

My number-one job is morning newscasts on WSAU, and it's still the job I'm best at and enjoy the most. But high school sports is pure fun -- it's the most enjoyable "second job" I've ever had. For fans and parents who've had kind words over the last year, thank you. And to the many high school athletes I've watched, it's been wonderful watching you play.

Chris Conley

The Everything Evergreens site will stay active between now and the start of the football season in August. I'll have weekly posts, usually on Mondays or Tuesdays.The football opens in a scant 11 weeks.