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Keep Fridays for the kids

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU): Football fans know the routine. When fall gets here, Friday nights are for high school football. Saturdays are for college football. Sundays belong to the NFL.

Yes, Thursday is an anything-goes night... there's some college and some pro football. And Monday Night Football, largely surpassed by the Sunday prime-time game, also belongs to the NFL.

But Friday night is being encroached. For the second year in a row, NFL pre-season footfall will be full of Friday night games. And the Big 10 is considering scheduling one Friday night game each week starting in 2015 or 2016. They need another night's worth of content for their cable network.

This season the Evergreens opening night football game (8/22 vs SPASH) will compete for your attention against a Packers pre-season game against the Raiders at Lambeau Field. Yes, TV calls the shots at the higher levels of football. Yes, preseason scheduling is designed to spread out the games from Thursdays through Sundays. And, yes, this stinks for the high school kids.

Our broadcast schedule will be jumbled on August 22 because of the Packers game. The Packers-Raiders will be on WSAU AM-550 FM-99.9. That means the Brewers game shifts to Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9. The Everest-SPASH game will be on tape delay, and will be heard on Fox Sports once the Brewers game is over, around 9:30pm. This season we'll post the podcasts of any tape-delay high school games in real time on EverythingEvergreens.com .

Chris Conley