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by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) SPASH is head-and-shoulders above everyone else in the Wisconsin Valley Conference this year. They're 7-0 in league play, and 5 of those wins were shutouts. In the two other games, losing opponents were held to only 1-run. SPASH hasn't allowed an earned run against Valley opponents so far this season.

As impressive as that is, Everest has played SPASH almost even in their last two meetings. Last season SPASH pulled out a 5-4 win with a walk-off infield hit. Earlier this year SPASH no-hit the Evergreens, 1-0, where the lone run was unearned. Everest hit 6 hard line-drives in that game that could have been hits, and one of those sinking liners to center became a diving-catch out.

Everest hasn't beaten Stevens Point since the 2009 season. During that time SPASH has won nine-in-a-row against the Evergreens.

Both pitching staffs will be well-rested, after having the weekend off. Brady Borrell will start for Everest.

Everest has played-up (or played-down) to the level of their opponents this season, and they've showed they can match zeros with SPASH's tough pitching staff. If they could somehow pull out a win, it would change the entire feel of the season.

Tuesday's game will be on tape-delay around 7:30pm after the Wausau-East vs. Wausau West game. If you're coming out to Simon Field, first pitch is at 5pm.

Chris Conley