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PREVIEW - Wausau-East

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) Today's game is important. When everybody's average, you don't want to be below average. That's what the Evergreens are up against, if they can't manage to beat Wausau-East this afternoon.

Let's exclude Stevens Point from the conversation. They're above average; probably the only team in the Wisconsin Valley Conference that can wear the label this year.

But depending on today's games, it's possible that we could have a four-way tie for second place. That's more than half the teams in the league who'd be exactly average. D.C. Everest deserves to be in that group. If they aren't, well, they'll have underachieved.

Here's what will probably happen today: SPASH will beat Merrill, even though the Blue Jays are all-in with their top pitcher David Puphal. If Everest beats East, and Wisconsin Rapids beats Marshfield, well have four teams that finish at 6-6. Everest is running low on pitching, and needs to bounce back from a lackluster game on Tuesday. The Marshfield-Rapids game is also a toss-up of teams that aren't very good.

The end result would be strangely poetic. The standings would reflect what actually happened this year: teams took turns beating each other, and almost everyone was average.

Tom King handles today's East-Everest play-by-play from Wausau East High School. Game coverage on Fox Sports AM-1390 FM-93.9 begins at 4:45pm. I'll be back at the mic for Saturday's triangular at Middleton.

Chris Conley