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The soccer experiment

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) I saw Athletic Director Lee Ann Kitchell last week for a few moments. The very short conversation was that it would be nice to have more coverage of all sports within the athletic department.


Football is in a league of its own. It seems like almost every school that's in a town that's big enough to have its own radio station has on-air coverage. TV stations add minutes to their late newscasts to get all the Friday night highlights in. Games are previewed and post-wrapped. Students at some schools even try their own in-house productions.

Everest's other "big" sports -- basketball, hockey, and baseball -- all get extensive play-by-play coverage. In all, Fox Sports Wausau covered 84 Evergreens sporting events last year. And this year we will make a few additions. I am adding a select number of soccer play-by-play events for podcasting. I've scheduled five boys soccer games this fall which will be available through foxsportswausau.com and everythingevergreens.com . In the spring, I'm planning to add a few softball and girls soccer podcasts as well. (Scheduling in the spring is much more difficult, since we need to work around a baseball schedule that often includes multiple games each week and the possibility of fickle weather that often leads to cancellations and make-up games.)

I'm also use the twitter and the instagram sections of everythingevergreens.com to post scores and pictures of the others Everest teams for the fall season.

I'd like to be thought of as the 'voice of the Evergreens', and part of that is being involved with more teams and more fans. I'm looking forward to that.

Chris Conley