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WEEK 2 vs RAPIDS RECAP - Adjustability

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) The deciding factor in D.C. Everest's 32-7 loss to Wisconsin Rapids wasn't the rain delay, or Rapids quarterback Jayson Wiernik (180-yards rushing, 80-yards passing).

The difference was adaptability. Rapids was able to adapt to changing circumstances within the game, and Everest wasn't.

DC Everest, down 12-0 and having trouble moving the ball, changed their approach midway through the 2nd quarter. They spread the field with four wide receivers. The Rapids defense spread out too, and the result was much more space and time for quarterback Darren Sanchez. He was able to run, and he had more time to scan the field and complete his passes. It resulted in Everest's only touchdown of the game.

Then came the thunder and lighting.

The next day, the Evergreens stayed with the same offensive set. Rapids adjusted. And the Red Raiders threw in a new wrinkle of their own. They shifted their two set running-backs right-of-center in their formation, and the Evergreens defense was confused by it. They were gashed by a double-pitchback running play, and gave up a touchdown on a halfback option pass. Allowing two touchdowns in the third quarter sealed their fate.

I still think the Evergreens have the potential to be a good team. Week two was unusual, with the bad weather and without their top running back Nathan Reedy. Next week's opponent, Appleton-North, is an even tougher assignment. The Evergreens will have to show a level of play that they haven't shown yet to get a win.

Chris Conley