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WEEK 2 high school football post script

by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (FOX SPORTS WAUSAU-WSAU) What have we learned from week two of the high school football season? First, that I prefer that games begin and end on the same day. And second, I'm still debating how much of a step backwards the loss to Wisconsin Rapids represents compared to a much better-played game against SPASH a week earlier.

We also learned that Darren Sanchez will struggle in 'must-pass' situations... almost any quarterback with only two varsity starts will. So the problem with the passing game is really a problem with the running game. Keeping the offense out of third-and-long will be critical.

Two other thoughts about the offense: First, one touchdown per game isn't enough to win. Second, the Evergreens need to get the ball into Kyle Zblewski's hands more... he's their fastest player and, right now, their biggest big-play threat. Other teams know this; they repeatedly kick away from him on punks and kickoffs.

Other notes from week two:

Appleton-North turned themselves around from an opening week loss. The blew out Oshkosh-West, 35-0. Their star running back Ethan Danz rolled up 130-yards and two touchdowns. He will become this week's challenge for the Evergreens.

Wausau-West is a good team, meaning Everest will be in for another toughie in week four. The SPASH-West game was a dogfight, which SPASH won, 14-10.

Wausau-East came crashing down to earth with a 29-0 loss to Marshfield. Still, the Lumberjacks are better-coached than in past years, and will likely improve by the time Everest plays them in week six.

Kaukauna, considered one of the "bad" teams in the northern division, played state-champion runner-up Oshkosh West tough. West needed a 4th quarter field goal to pull out the win. So Kaukauna, in week 8, figures to be a more challenging game too. Either Kankauna or Appleton-East will get their first win when they play each other this week.

The other winless teams in the division, Appleton-West and Appleton-East, were both blow-out losers last week.

Chris Conley