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by Chris Conley

EVERYTHING EVERGREENS (Fox Sports Wausau WSAU) For a few years now weve noticed everybody takes their phones to high school sporting events. (Last year there were some nights during Friday football games that the number of people using their phones actually interfered with our Fox Sport broadcast equipment. Theres only so much spectrum space, and we were sharing with a few thousand Evergreens fans). Today this problem no longer exists. Your phone probably uses 4G technology; my Comrex 10,000 needs 3G to get its signal back to our studios.

Everyone sees these games differently. And almost everyone is taking pictures of the exciting plays, of their friends in the stands of the sporting events that we all enjoy.

Our new web site, Everythingevergreens.com, is a place where I can post game information from the teams I do play-by-play for: the baseball, basketball, hockey and football teams. Its also a place for you to post your pictures, your comments, and your tweets about any D.C. Everest teams.

To post a photograph, use your Instagram account #DCEverest. If you don't have Instagram on your mobile device, just download it for free from Google Play or iTunes App Store . To post a tweet, use #DCEverest from your Twitter account.

Chris Conley