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Grapes that taste like cotton candy! Where do I buy?

by Ken Lanphear

Breaking news this week in the food industry in case you were rendered unconscious by fair food overload.

Farmers in California have reportedly created an all-natural grape that tastes like....cotton candy!

With no artificial flavors involved and no weird genetic engineering, The Grapery has created two green grape species that taste like the irresistible, colorful, spun-sugar, your dentist is planning to buy a yacht after your next visit, cotton candy.

It was apparently accomplished, according to reports, thru hand pollination.  The grapes are expected to find their way into stores in limited quantities this month with even greater production planned for 2014.

The cotton candy grape will have about 12 percent more sugar that a regular grape, but less sugar than raisins and they'll cost around $6 per pound.

Outstanding work!  Now, let's get started on broccoli....