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What's on your Fantasy Food team?

by Ken Lanphear

Football season is getting it's usual grip on our nation for better or worse and it's also the time of the year for that every-popular football season past-time (and, complete waste of time in this reporters opinion, Fantasy Football.

As you nibble on  snacks and appetizers while selecting the talent for your team with friends and competitors, have you thought about what might make your Fantasy Food team?

I'm sure there are some obvious choices here, but if you want to stay healthy thru another football season, your first round selection should be...the tomato!

According to a recent feature on The John Tesh Radio Show, the key "stat" backing the tomato is the powerful antioxidant Lycopene!  For guys like us, this is pretty important because lycopene has shown to be significant in the prevention of cancer, stroke and heart disease!  Plus, tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin C, help you sleep and help your skin look better, which never hurts guys!

And, they're delicious on or in your other favorite football season foods like burgers, sandwiches and salsa.

Make sure you're eating the real thing too.  Supplements won't do the same.

Enjoy your football season!  And, if you're thinking of adding Ho Ho's to your Fantasy Food Team, well, it's already been taken.