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Chicken on the grill done right

by Otis Day

We've been making this a lot this year. It's easy, tastes fantastic, and is great for leftovers. I do it on a charcoal grill, but you can adjust and do it on gas too.

Coals on one side of the grill so you can use the other side for indirect heat. 

Get an aluminum foil pan, you'll want a deep one because there's a lot of stuff in this. 

You'll need:

Chicken breast

hot Italian sausage

Diced fire roasted tomatoes (2 14 oz cans)

Chick Peas (one 14 oz can)

Red and yellow pepper (one each, or however much you like)

White or yellow onion (I use half)


Fresh oregano, basil, and a sprig of rosemary

cracked pepper.

Jalapeno (this is up to you, I like a bit of a kick, so use as much or as little as you and the family like)

Put a little olive oil in the pan to keep the chicken from sticking. Then, dump everything inside. Put it on direct heat for about 10 minutes to get it started. Then use indirect heat for another half hour or so. Cover the grill but check on it every once in awhile. At the end, I take the chicken and the sausage out and sear it on the hot coals for a minute or two, then put it all back in the pan and serve. It's fantastic....and it smells like an Italian restaurant exploded in your backyard!