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Memorial Day Weekend Clams

by Jeff Flynt

One of the great memories of the summer season for me is when my parents would get their hands on a bunch of little neck clams. 

Living on Long Island, our family was friends with someone who would normally go "clamming", and bring home buckets of these little sweet treats in grey shells.

The best part is when you would scrub them, and fire up the grill. That's right, I said, "fire up the grill."

You may be thinking to yourself, why cook clams on the grill? Because my friends, that is how you combine great flavor with a cooking method to make these shellfish great. 

The simplest preparation is dropping them on the hot grill, wait until they open and dip them in some garlic butter and a squeeze of lemon. 

It's the kind of joy which makes you happy to have a long weekend, warm sunny weather and honor our veterans during Memorial Day!