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A Complete Human Head Transplant...

by Seth Mela

You've probably heard the story about how Walt Disney had his head frozen when he died . . . so he could be reanimated once it was medically possible.

Well, that's actually just a RUMOR.  In reality, Walt was cremated shortly after his death in 1966.  But maybe he SHOULD have opted for the frozen head thing . . . because it looks like we're getting closer to making that a reality.

A neuroscientist in Italy claims transplanting the head of a LIVING person is now possible.  In fact, scientists have been trying it on animals since the 1970s, when a monkey's head was successfully transplanted onto the body of another monkey. 

The monkey survived for a few days . . . but was paralyzed, because there was no way to connect the head to the body's spinal cord.  Now Dr. Sergio Canavero says that IS possible.

To do it, they'd have to use an extremely sharp surgical knife to cut the spinal cord, then immediately attach the head by fusing the two cords together with a type of plastic called "polyethylene glycol" (pronounced poly-etha-leen gly-call).

It's been used to reconnect spinal cords in dogs, and according to Canavero, it could work on people too. 

Obviously it's a lot harder than it sounds though, because you'd also have to reconnect bones, tissue, and millions of nerves. 

But the idea is, you could potentially give a paralyzed person a whole new body . . . although we're obviously a ways off from that.  (Plus, you'd think that by the time we can put a new HEAD on someone, we'll be able to fix a spinal cord injury.)

The surgery also wouldn't be cheap.  According to Canavero, it would probably run you at least $13 MILLION.  And we're even further away from putting a cryogenically FROZEN head on another body.