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Banning Words...

by Seth Mela

In the video below, a host of celebrities that include Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice and many others suggest that we should simply ban the word "Bossy" from our vocabulary.  Their theory is that a young girl that asserts herself and wants to aspire to leadership is hindered by being called names such as bossy.

When I think of the word "Bossy" I think of a spoiled brat.  A child that feels they have the right to tell others what to do; a know it all.  Bossy isn't leadership.  Bossy isn't assertive or positive.  Being bossy is a character flaw.  It is putting on the facade of authority when deep down there is intense self doubt, fear, and typically ignorance.  

The problem isn't the word or the proper use of the word.  The solution to a bratty or bossy child certainly isn't preventing others from identifying the bad behavior.  The solution is to help the child to understand the difference in bossy and assertive; between leadership and intimidation.  Being "bossy" IS a negative and needs to be identified as such. 

Suggesting a word simply be removed from the vernacular is ridiculous.