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FaceBook Lucky

by Seth Mela

Is 10 years old too young to start using Facebook? A lot of people would probably say yes. We're thinking THIS guy would disagree.

Last Tuesday, Gregory Vance was sitting on his porch with two friends during a storm in Henlawson, West Virginia. When suddenly, a huge tree got hit by lightning, fell over, and LANDED on them. (Henlawson is in the southwestern part of West Virginia, near the Kentucky border.)

Gregory's 10-year-old daughter Brianna saw it happen, and immediately tried to call 911 on a cell phone. But because of the storm, she couldn't get a signal. And the house didn't have a landline.

But somehow she was able to access FACEBOOK. So she posted a frantic message that her dad was DYING, and asked someone to call an ambulance.

She even included the fact that their house was yellow, so the EMTs could find it. Which they DID after one of her Facebook friends saw the message and called 911.

Gregory and both of his friends were rushed to the hospital, and all three survived. On Father's Day, Brianna posted again. But this time it was a message for her dad to get well soon.