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Hero Mailman

by Seth Mela

35-year-old Phil Turner lives about 20 miles outside Liverpool, and he's been a mailman since he was 18. But he says this was DEFINITELY the craziest situation he's been in.

Last Thursday morning, Phil was delivering mail in a nearby town called Golborne, when he realized one of the houses on his route was ON FIRE.

By that point, some neighbors had already set up a ladder, and rescued two kids through a window. But their mom was still inside.

So Phil kicked in the front door, helped the mom get out, made sure everyone was okay . . . and then left to CONTINUE DELIVERING THE MAIL.

In the end, everyone inside the house suffered smoke inhalation, but they all survived.

Afterward, Phil made sure to note that the NEIGHBORS were the ones who grabbed the ladder, organized the rescue, and did most of the heroic stuff. But he was glad to help out too.