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Honor Delayed

by Seth Mela

Two-dozen veterans received the Medal of Honor on Tuesday . . . years after they SHOULD have.

Back in 2002, Congress ordered the government to go over thousands of records since World War Two, and look for anyone who'd been passed over because of discrimination.  And since it's the government . . . it took 12 years to do that. But they finally identified 24 soldiers whose actions warranted a Medal of Honor . . . 17 Hispanic veterans, one African-American, and one Jewish soldier.

And five MORE veterans were identified as deserving a medal, even though they WEREN'T minorities. Sadly, only three of the 24 soldiers are still alive.  Their names are Melvin Morris, Jose Rodela, and Santiago Erevia, and they all served in Vietnam.  But family members were on hand to accept medals for the other 21 vets.

And one of the soldiers who died in action was Private First Class Leonard M. Kravitz . . . Lenny Kravitz's UNCLE