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Incredible Strength

by Seth Mela

A guy in Minnesota got trapped in his car on Sunday after it caught on FIRE. Fortunately a 52-year-old man pulled over, mustered up some superhuman strength, and somehow BENT the car door with his bare hands so he could get the guy out. The guy only wound up with a few cuts and smoke inhalation.

A guy named Michael Johannes was driving in New Brighton, Minnesota on Sunday when his 2006 Chevy Trailblazer caught on fire.

He pulled over, but the doors automatically locked and he was trapped inside . . . with smoke starting to fill up the car.

Fortunately for him, 52-year-old Robert Renning of Woodbury, Minnesota was driving by. He pulled over, ran over to the car, and somehow BENT the door with his bare hands until the window shattered. Then he pulled Michael out.

Robert says he's not entirely sure how he bent a car door. Quote, "It had to have been adrenaline. I don't know how I did it."

Michael only wound up inhaling some smoke and got a few cuts . . . Robert wasn't hurt.

The Minnesota State Patrol says they're planning to nominate Robert for a good Samaritan award.