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More Good News

by Seth Mela

18 years ago, Emily and Caitlin Copeland of Houston, Texas were born conjoined at the chest. And with conjoined twins, the odds of survival are pretty dismal.

Luckily, Emily and Caitlin DID make it . . . and also survived an operation 10 months later to separate them.

They just turned 18 yesterday, and soon they'll be headed off to college . . . after graduating from high school last month as CO-VALEDICTORIANS of their class.

Since they're going to college in different cities, they're worried about being apart for the first time . . . Emily's enrolled at the University of Houston, and Caitlin is going to Concordia University in Austin, almost 200 miles away.

But they also say they're excited. And Caitlin even joked that they're finally being "separated permanently."