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Not The Way I'd Want To Go...

by Seth Mela

For most people, this would be a TERRIBLE idea. Maybe even insulting. But apparently for 53-year-old Miriam Burbank, it was perfect.

Miriam passed away in New Orleans on June 1st. Everyone called her Mae Mae. And according to her kids, she loved a good time and was always the life of the party. So for her funeral last week, they went a little non-traditional . . .

They had the funeral home prop her up in a chair behind a table wearing sunglasses . . . with a BEER in one hand and a menthol CIGARETTE in the other.

There was also a bar full of liquor next to her . . . a case of Busch beer on the floor . . . and two flashing disco balls. Plus they added a few of her favorite things, like some New Orleans Saints stuff, and a book of crossword puzzles.

According to her daughters, the rest of the family seemed to think it was a very fitting send-off.