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Rice Needs a Serious Wake Up Call

by Seth Mela

Video of Baltimore Ravens running back RAY RICE dragging his apparently unconscious fiancée out of an elevator hit the Internet yesterday. Police in Atlantic City, New Jersey say that Ray knocked her out with one punch during a fight at the Revel Casino over the weekend.  They were BOTH arrested for fighting.  Sources say Ray hit his girlfriend after she spit on him. 

In the video, Rice kind of drags the woman out of the elevator, then leaves her lying face-down on the floor.  A man who might be hotel security comes over to see what's happening.  

Playing Pro Football is NOT a right, it is a privilege. Once the legal process has run it's course and IF Rice is proven guilty of the assault.  He should be fired from the Ravens and BANNED from playing in the NFL.  If a team wants to give a low life like this a chance to coach, or perhaps collect the towels after the team showers, then fine.  But this man has no respect for his blessings, or the people around him that depend and/or care for him.  Bad behavior needs consequences.