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There Are Better Alternatives

by Seth Mela

It's no surprise that change is sometimes uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable often inspires innovation and creativity.  That's the heart of entrepreneurship!  Many businesses have been created simply because an individual saw a need and found a way to fill that need.  When individuals or a community leads the way, problems are solved, people are helped and the economy grows.

However, when the Government gets involved, creativity is squelched, innovation is discouraged, and the problems are exacerbated.  Too many people who are interested in power and self preservation destroy effectiveness.  

Bureaucrats feel the ONLY answer to an issue is MORE legislation, MORE regulation, MORE Government and LESS freedom.  The solutions they devise may have limited merit, but come at tremendous and disproportionat cost.  The ObamaCare debocle is a prime example.  The story below is just one example of several casualties to Free Enterprise, Personal Freedoms and Common Sense. Sadly, many many more are to come.