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Negatives!!! Great Muscle Building Workout!

by Corey Carter

I did this workout today to combo the front/back of my upper arms (and it worked my fore-arms well too!)  
Give it a shot - something different and might help you get past that "plateau" you're stuck on:


Barbell Curls (pick a weight that you can do a max of 10-12 times)

-Grab Barbell with medium, underhand grip

-Explode all the way up, bending only at your elbows (if you have to lean your body back to get the weight up - you've chosen a weight that is too heavy)

-SLOWLY return the barbell to starting position - count to 4.

-Do 8 Reps

(Repeat this 3 times)

I also did this as a "super-set" with a similar tricep exercise (meaning after 1 set of Barbell Curls, I did 1 set of the following Skull Crushers exercise)

Skull Crushers  (pick a weight that you can do a max of 10-12 times) 

-Grab a Barbell with a medium, underhand grip

-Lay on a bench, with arms fully extending holding the barbell directly above your nose

-Bring barbell down so it softly touches your forehead (should take 1 second)

-SLOWLY extend barbell back up to starting position (should take 4 seconds)

-Do 8 reps

(Repeat 3 times)