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It's not all about the muscles at Russian bodybuilding competitions. You need dance moves too?

by Justin

Bodybuilding.  Lift weights, eat lots, get big.  Your Olympian physiques are impressive, but let's face it- the bodybuilding competitions are a snooze fest.  You see one hulk, you've seen them all. And things were no different at the 25th Open Cup of Bodybuilding in St. Petersburg. 

Enter Vadim Skornyakov , who dared to dream.  Dared to distance himself from the field of bulging competitors....by doing pirouettes...and a chicken walk..and lip synching.  it was so long ago now I don't remember...Is this how Arnold busted into showbiz?  With killer dance moves?

By User:Mikael Häggström (Image:Gray190.png) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons