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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Get You Down.

by Susan Fenrich

When communication is difficult one tends to avoid it. People who suffer from uncorrected hearing loss often isolate themselves and loneliness and depression follow. That is very unfortunate since organizations exist that actively advocate for the hearing impaired and work to raise awareness of the issue. It isn't being relegated to an afflict ion of the elderly anymore .

In the past those with hearing loss not only had to deal with the challenge itself but also the perception by many that hearing loss somehow made those afflicted into less capable, sec ond cl ass citizens, but , thankfully, things have changed .

Today organizations such as The HearStrong Foundation have been hard at work helping to elevate the self-perception of the hearing impaired and encouraging them to not drop out of life . Many victims of hearing loss have found renewed purpose in life by simply being exposed to the stories of those who have done it. Very young children like Kaylee Bosetti to professional football players as Blaise Winter and Derrick Colemann and many othe rs have overcome their hearing difficulties and have become quite successful.

Among other resource s for those struggling with hearing loss and feeling abandoned is the Hearing Loss Association of America . Here you will find a lot of useful information about hearing loss , an ad vocacy group, information on financial assistance, a magazine and so much more. This is an excellent resource.

If you're a veteran there is an organization that is part of the International Hearing Societys website called Fit to Serve that is an advocacy group for veterans who have sustained military service related hearing loss . This organization is working hard to provide better access for the veteran to obtain hearing help through the VA.

The bottom line is that if you know or even suspect that your hearing or your child's hearing is not what it should be , help is available. Don't let your or your loved one's hearing get you down. Begin to overcome your hearing loss by scheduling a hearing screening today! Many Hearing Healthcare Providers offer this service at no cost to you!

Written by James Silvis

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