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What are the latest improvements in hearing aid technology?

by Susan Fenrich

There have been significant advancements in hearing aid technology in the past few years. Digital technology has not only improved the quality of sound significantly, but the durability and capability of hearing aids have increased as well. Today's hearing aids are generally much smaller than earlier models. Even certain models worn outside of the ear are hardly visible, even to trained eyes. These tiny computers are truly phenomenal.

My patients are telling me hearing aids with advanced technology sound more natural. The hearing aid users voice, and the voice of those they are listening to, sound significantly better. Background noise cannot be eliminated. However, with the latest hearing aids, incoming sound is processed in such a way that people are not complaining about background noise nearly as much. The best technology available uses both hearing aids working together to process sound. This gives you true surround sound, allowing the best hearing possible in a noisy environment.

With the discovery of nano-coating, which repels moisture, hearing aids have a lower rate of repair. Most repairs are due to moisture and corrosion. ReSound, a leading hearing aid manufacturer sprays nano-coating on all hearing aid components. Most hearing aid manufacturers now use this in their manufacturing process. Keep in mind, even with nano-coating, swimming or showering with your aids is still not recommended.

Wireless technology allows connectivity with devices that can stream sound from your cell phone, television, and other media devices, straight to your hearing aids. There are even mini-microphones that can be given to another individual allowing you to hear them talk right in your hearing aid.

There is even a hearing aid that keeps track of the places you normally wear your hearing aids. This allows you to adjust your aids to the desired settings and store them in certain smart phones. You can also use a smart phone as a microphone. By giving it to others, you will hear them directly in your hearing aids. A smart phone can also be used as a remote control for hearing aid adjustments. When you answer your smart phone, you can hear the person talking in both hearing aids. A licensed hearing health professional can help you determine what technology level suits you and your lifestyle!

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