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Kids Say the Darndest Things... In Their Letters Home from Camp

by Lucy Black

Summer is here and that means camp for many kids. Whether it's church, scouts or sports, one thing that makes camp, camp are the letters you write home to your parents.

"Hey mom, I made fingerpaints today. I can't wait to show you my pretty picture. Tomorrow we're going on a hike."

But this kid brought camp letters to the a level of funny I've never seen before.

[Image courtesy of MSN ]

Talk about a rough start. Thank goodness for those extra undies indeed!

More highlights from the letter include:

"I went horseback riding and the horse in front of me took 3 huge dumps. Smoke came off the poop. It was awesome."


"Did you know you can light farts on fire? I'll show you on Satterday."

This kid could have a future in comedy. This stuff is gold.

Check out the full letter HERE .