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Well, Time For Another Movie

by Andrew Green

OK, here's a weird one. It's notable in that it's the closest thing to a coherent film that Harmony Korine  has ever made.

Then again, I still haven't seen Spring Breakers , but...whatever....

Mister Lonely (2007)

Netflix description:

"This surreal dramedy follows a Michael Jackson impersonator to Paris, where he meets a Marilyn Monroe look-alikeand accompanies her as she reconvenes with her husband and daughter (also impersonators) in Scotland. Along the way, they rendezvous with a Queen Elizabeth look-alike, among others, in an absurdist statement about celebrity obsession."

An undeniably unique film that just doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Perhaps that's appropriate, given that its characters are in the same boat. What we have here is a group of celebrity impersonators who wind up together in a commune, with the intent of putting on "the greatest show of all time" for residents of a sleepy small town located nearby. 

The film oozes with foreshadowing of tragedy, so it's no surprise when things don't end so well, in general. We have difficulty here determining whether filmmaker Harmony Korine, also responsible for the equally-bizarre Gummo, wants to make us laugh or grimace in fear. There's also an unnecessary side story about a group of nuns who master the ability of skydiving without parachutes, which may have been intended to reflect on the relationship between faith and random chance; but with so much going on here, that theme is probably lost. 

Mister Lonely is such an odd, original movie that I really did want to like it. However, there's no escaping the fact that it's just not very good. Meh.

2 out of 5.