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Paging through the Old Photo Albums...On Facebook

by David Kuharski

Growing up in the days before the internet... you look shocked--yes, the world still turned without Al Gore's invention... my sisters had several photo albums filled with years of memories!  And, every year in school my parents paid for picture packages.  They would send the pictures out in Christmas cards and would buy picture frames for them.  But with out lives going online, the old leather bound albums seem to be disappearing.  Cue up a day this past week-- Julie went paging through old photo albums, in Facebook.  I'm fascinated to see this change--it's sad in a way--but the pictures always look freshly taken--and the memories maybe seem more vivid?  In any event, if you're like us and life moves way too fast--try chilling out with your photo albums, online--and take a trip down memory lane.  They grow up too fast!  Below is a pic of my regal little daughter--er uh, princess...