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Baby Hip Sling

by Nikki Montgomery

Oh the lovely hip sling. Most mothers who had a breech baby girl has experience with this device. When a baby is breech their hips don't develop correctly in the womb so they often have to wear a hip sling for a short time after birth to fix it. Kenzie was our breech twin and when she was born they thought her hips were okay, but wanted to get an ultrasound done to make sure. When she was about 3 weeks old we went to Marshfield Clinic to have the ultrasound done and we were referred to an orthopedic surgeon there. We learned that her right hip socket was pretty shallow so she needed to wear the hip sling or harness to hold the hip ball in place so the socket could form around it. A normal hip angle is above 60 degrees and Kenzie's right hip was at 56. She was prescribed the hip sling for 6 weeks. 

The hip sling is a miserable thing that doesn't allow your baby to kick or stretch her legs. We were allowed to take her out of it for 4 hours each day which was nice. During that time she'd stretch and kick like crazy! 

It's not fun working around this thing when changing diapers in the middle of the night either. It also made breastfeeding a challenge. It was much harder to position Kenzie than Zoey when trying to feed them both at the same time, which is a challenge of it's own.

Last week her 6 weeks was up, we took her in to have the angle measured again and it was up to 70 degrees on both sides! This photo was the last photo of her in her hip sling!

I'm glad that our pediatrician at Ministry Medical Group decided to refer us to Marshfield to have things checked out because now she should be able to avoid future problems like early arthritis.

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