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Tennessee law allows criminal charges against drug addicted mothers

by Nikki Montgomery

A new law in Tennessee that takes effect this summer will permit criminal charges against pregnant women who abuse drugs. Tennessee will be the only state where a woman can be prosecuted based on the potential impact her drug use can have on her unborn child. A woman will be able to get out of jail-time if they enroll in a treatment program.

In Tennessee 921 babies were born addicted to drugs just last year. What happens to these poor babies is horrifying.

ABC News got a chance to spend a few days in the Neonatal unit at a Tennessee hospital that specializes in these cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome.

The American Civil Liberties Union fears that this law could prevent women from seeking proper medical care during their pregnancies. Other women's rights groups and health care providers have spoken out against the law. Read more here

What do you think of this law?

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