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VIDEO: Couple Tries To Keep A Deer As A Pet - Watch Here!

by Ben Olson

Michigan couple is trying to save a deer member of their family! They’ve been keeping a deer, named Lilly, as a pet ever since they rescued her as a baby five years ago. She’s since become like a child to them, sleeping on a futon, watching Animal Planet and even playing Frisbee in the back yard. But after someone complained to authorities, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is now threatening to take Lilly away. The couple apparently had no idea it was illegal to keep a wild animal in the state of Michigan. But they feel an exception should be made since Lilly was raised in their home, and only knows domesticated life. The couple has hired a lawyer to help fight the DNR from taking Lilly away. They’re gonna hold on for deer life! WNEM TV 5