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Cat in Tree--OWNER FOUND!!!!

by Stacy Cole

OWNER HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! ONEIDA COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY contacted me and said the owner had come in asking for help!  Here's the story:

Steve Woller, local hot air balloon pilot, contacted me on Facebook asking for help. There was a cat stuck in a pine tree-about 25 feet up and had been there for over 30 hours.  He had asked a "government" official person for help and they said they couldn't do anything.  Steve tried to get the cat down but the cat was too high up.  So, he came to me.  I have obviously gained the reputation as someone that would do anything for animals, no matter how strange the request.  

I was trying to calculate what size ladder I'd need to climb up and grab the cat.  I've done it with my own cat so I was no stranger to the scary climb.  But, first things first, I decided to ask, on air, if there was a Lake Tomahawk firefighter listening...we have a huge listening area so this was not that far-fetched.  After my plea, the phone rang and it was Stephanie, the daughter of one of their firefighters.  She called her dad and I took down her phone number.  She called back about 45 minutes later and said the cat was rescued!  He was safe but now what? Honestly, I didn't know!  

Stephanie could take the cat for about a week. We also had to see if he had a microchip but we were planning in case he didn't.   Thanks to our listeners, I contacted TWO humane societies in case they had a lost cat report.  Sure enough, the owner of the Tree Cat showed up at the Oneida County Humane Society.  Eight hours after the ordeal had begun, there was a connection between Stephanie and the cat owner.  What a day!  

We thank the Lake Tomahawk firefighter that helped us out.  The eagles were eyeing him/her up for dinner.  A great reminder to chip your pets...