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Bird poop facials. Really!

by Jack Taylor

As I said in my last posting I'm no fashionista.  This facial recipe out of New York, via Japan, is further proof of my bewilderment of that world.

For $180 you can wear a facial made from nightingale stool.  No kidding.  And I read it's a centuries old process that comes from Japan.  In fact the woman who is making a fortune from bird feces is a Tokyo native who got the treatment from her mother.

Men and women flock to the Shizuka skin car salon to dip their faces into what we curse at when it hits our clean car.  The owner, Shizuka Bernstein, says the nightingale byproduct is best because, here it comes, those birds eat seeds producing an enzyme that exfoliates the skin.

Asked if the concoction has an odor, Bernstein says, it smells like hay.  Mowing my lawn just isn't as enjoyable as it used to be.