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Drunk Cardinal Fan Takes a Digger during a fight at Wrigley

by Jon Henseler

So this video was hot in the internet streets yesterday. Cardinal fan who was over-served trying to mix it up with some Cubs fans outside of Wrigley. Goes for the Johnny Cage high kick and whiffs like Russell Branyan on a breaking ball. Now before I clicked on the link to watch this I was pretty pumped. Brewers could qualify for FEMA relief this year so I figured 19 seconds of Cardinals and Cubs fans beating each other up would give me a lift. But then two people filming this debacle happened. Vertical video, terrible commentary and the worst man laugh I think I've ever heard. Busch league viral video ball. Not going to get called up to Worldstar acting like that. Like here we had a dude walking around basically doing the Bernie who falls and cracks his head and he's the THIRD biggest idiot during this 19 second clip. That takes talent. 

PS: Say what you will about the Crew this year but they're 2 games over since the all star break. And they will have PLENTY to say about the NL Central race based on their schedule right now. Like if we can keep the Reds or Cards from winning the Central I will take that as a redeeming quality to this season. One of those 'if my team can't win let's at least make sure the teams we hate the most also fail.' And they say Catholic school didn't teach me anything.

Double PS: I don't know why but I'm kinda pulling for Pittsburgh. I wanna be a Pirate.