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Greg Jennings at It Again, Calls '12' Not a Team Person.

by Jon Henseler

Little behind the scenes at Strange Brew. When I type a title into the 'title' portion of the blog it will start to autofill if I start with the same thing on a new blog. When I typed in Greg Jennings there was (in the words of LeBron) not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 blogs about him chirping about Aaron Rodgers since December of 2012. Frieking FOUR. That's amazing. That's more than we've blogged about the Bucks in 5 years and this is the span of around 8 months. I feel like Owen Wilson's character in Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn gets killed on the football field. "What is his deal? Oh great all the attention on you, you happy now?" Just mind boggling that Jennings has gone out of his way that many times to reference Rodgers or take a shot. 

This time around Jennings claims that he's more of a team player. It's all about the team when it comes to him. And Rodgers basically gets so many headlines that he's not alluding to the 'team' anymore. Apparently Jennings is also sick of all the positive coverage of Rodgers from the media. Yeah I guess when you spend your summer hanging out with that stage 5 clinger David Gruber and essentially do an impromptu Make-A-Wish for kids around the area who are overcoming terrible diseases you're going to portrayed in a positive light. Crazytown. I mean it's at the point with Jennings where I'm starting to wonder if he even has a sister who was tweeting during that Viking game. I think we all sort of dismissed her rants but the more Greg keeps chirping the more I sort of think it was him the entire time. Either way he's definitely owning his villain status when it comes to Green Bay since his departure. Hell he should cue of Razor Ramon's music when he comes out for his first visit to Lambeau. SAY HELLO TO THE BAD GUY!

PS: The quest for 14 starts today. Winter is coming.