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Lebron opting out of Heat contract, Redecision on the way.

by Jon Henseler

(this video released in May and Lebron opts in June, there are no coincidences)

So the big sports story out there today is that Lebron James is going to put anyone who watches Sportscenter through hell for the second time as he has opted out of his contract with the Heat. Re-Decision 2014! Somebody get a Boys and Girls Club in Miami ready so Lebron canpubliclyembarrasstheir 7 real fans! Alert Jim Gray so he can startwork-shoppinghard hitting questions ( are you still a nail biter ?)! Get Stephen A Smith some throat lozenges so he can scream for two straight weeks!

Honestly anyone who didn't see this coming doesn't know the first thing about Lebron James. If there's a chance to self promote, get 24/7 coverage on ESPN, get a leg cramp in critical situations of championship games, he's there. Like there isn't a greater juxtaposition (Words With Friends back in my bathroom rotation) of two players than Lebron and Tim Duncan. Yesterday, days after leading his TEAM to a 5th championship, Timmy quietly opt-ed back in to his contract to stay with San Antonio for an 18th season for a modest 10 million. Today Lebron opts out of his contract and is getting set to join his 3rd team where he will probably win an MVP, lose a title, and make 22-25 million. And how about poor Cleveland. Like I think the proper play would be for the prodigal son to return but how pathetic does that city look right now. Lebron railroaded the entire city on national TV in 2010, left for Miami, won two titles, and now they're reduced to begging for him to come back. This is the equivalent of a guy dating a girl for years on end, the girl leaves him in the most public forum for another guy who is better in every conceivable way, then when that relationship ends the first guy is writing things on her Facebook wall like 'I hope you see how beautiful you are through my eyes.' Not a good look for anyone.

So basically we're about to jump in a time machine and relive the summer of 2010. And I've got to admit I'm sort of shocked that Pat Riley's call to arms last week didn't inspire Lebron to stay in Miami. Like that was a legit press conference. I actually like the Heat for 9 consecutive minutes. Riles basically calling Lebron a quitter if he leaves. Well Pat if it looks like a quitter and sounds like a quitter, it's probably Lebron.

PS: Honest to God question for Bucks fans, let's suspend reality and act for a second like Lebron wanted to come to Milwaukee. Would you take him? I honestly don't think I would. I despise him as an athlete that much. Like I know I should jump at the opportunity to see a top 5 or 10 all time player in a Bucks jersey but I'd honestly rather lose for the next 5 decades than have to root for him.

Double PS: Plot twist I would take him in a heartbeat.