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Hey Bud...stop the insanity!

by Jim McKinney

Greetings to all who come across the ramblings put forth here!  Out of the gate, I already have to smack baseball commish Bud "What, Me Worry?" Selig around...for his decision to make interleague play the flavor of the day.  Oh, I realize that the owners pull Selig's strings...and this was a decision made entirely with the color green prominent...but what fun is the World Series if every so often an AL team plays an NL team.  The way it was before wasn't the best, but at least it didn't happen every few weeks.  If this is the way it's gonna, Buddy Boy, then let's drop the NL/AL distinctions...make the designated hitter rule mandatory for all...and the Fall Classic will be between the two surviving teams...no matter what league they used to play in.  Thanks for nothing Mr. Commissioner...and if I were you...I would pray that Gary Bettman remains in his position in the NHL for many years...it insures you're not the worst commissioner of a major sports league.