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Let it snow let it snow

by Jason Miller

Inactive's will come later but for now let's talk keys to the game.  Snow!  There is no better scene to watch a game especially when it's snowing, than Lambeau Field.  Over the last eight years of covering games here at Lambeau I have seen plenty but the most impressive was the Seattle game.  It was like  snow globe here.  Right now it's reminding me of that and I think it neutralizes both Offenses and Defenses.  So here is a simple cup of hot chocolate for you on this cold and snowy day from Lambeau. For the visiting Falcons first.  Matt Ryan needs to be a game manager and know he will get his shot down the middle of this Swiss cheese type of Packers pass defense, especially when it comes to the pass.  Stephen Jackson should have a big day running on this front of he Packers.  The run defense, while stout early has not been much more than a below average, ho hum defense.  Look off a lot of Jackson with some Gonzalez sprinkled in and I think it could be a great day for the struggling Falcons.

For the Packers.  To me it's quite simple.  Give the ball to Lacy and Starks and get Quarless, Bostick, and Taylor involved early and it will open the holes later in the game.  Lacy is key.  No not Flynn.  Lacy is going to have to carry this team and I believe McCarthy has NOT done a very good job in making the backs carry the load.  With Rodgers out, your QB becomes a game manager not a game changer and in my opinion the Packers have forgotten this.  If Lacy goes over 100...that is the key.  I think he will but the Falcons TEs are better and so is there defense.  Falcons over the Packers in a close one.  13-10. From the Visiting Side of Things Reporter, I'm Jason Miller