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Maple Leafs collapse warrants a list of the worst collapses in sports history (Sorry Michigan)

by Dan Cash

It has to be one of the greatest comebacks/worst collapses in the history of professional sports.  It's one of those things that makes you just wish the Toronto Maple Leafs could win a Stanley Cup for no other reason than ending the potential for their fans to jump off a bridge.  

The Maple Leafs battled back from a 3-1 series deficit to tie their best of 7 with the Boston Bruins and send it into a winner-takes-all game 7.  In fact as we now know the Leafs had a 3 goal lead with under 9 minutes to play before collapsing and allowing the Bruins to score 3 goals in regulation before winning the series in overtime.  

Immediate reaction of distraught Maple Leafs fans is available for your viewing at any time. 

While I did and do feel terrible for the Maple Leafs and their fans I couldn't help but want to put together a list of some of the all-time worst collapses in the history of sports.  Let's go down the list below shall we!

Evander Holyfeld defeats Michael Moorer with a shocking late round surge

Trailing 3 games to 0 in the 2004 American League Championship the Boston Red Sox decided to punch the "Curse of the Bambino" in the face once and for all

In boxing they say you never know how great a fighter is until they TRULY take a punch.  Mike Tyson really never recovered from this punch from James "Buster" Douglas

It's the collapse of all collapses if you are a University of Michigan football fan.  Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook was the first of 2 Wolverine collapses that round out this list

The worst collapse for Michigan Wolverines fans is easy.  It used to be the video above.  It's now the 5th ranked Chad Henne, Jake Long led Wolverines losing in the first game of the season to Appalachian State in 2007