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Gardy Gone?

by Cade

As my beloved Twins slog through what looks to be another putrid season, Minnesotans are getting restless.  They've dropped five in a row and 10 out of their last 12.  Yuck.  And, it doesn't look any better anytime soon.  The savior that was supposed to be pitcher, Kyle Gibson looks OK, but you can see he's still rather raw for the big leagues.  As the losses continue to pile up, the voices get louder calling for the manager's head.  Ron Gardenhire has been with the Twins since 1991, manager since 2002.  That makes him the longest tenured manager in baseball behind Mike Scioscia of the Angels.  But, is cutting Gardy loose gonna win more games?  I doubt it.  The pitching still stinks and the offense doesn't plate enough runs.  I don't know how much any manager can do in such a competitive league with inferior talent that the Twins are stuck with.  It doesn't seem to me like the team has quit on him.  They simply lack the talent to keep up with better teams.  Clete Thomas?  Really?  If they really want to win more games, they need more talent.  From the sound of things down on the farm, that might not be too far off.  Guys like Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton are a pair of the best prospects in baseball, but are still a few years away from making their MLB debuts.  So, do you fire the manager now?  Or, stick with him until the cavalry arrives in a few years?  I've never been a huge Gardy fan, but I think you gotta stick with the guy.  It's not like there's a ton of managerial talent sitting on the beach waiting for a job, anyway.  At least with the current regime, you know exactly what you're getting.  After all, the man has won an AL Manager of the Year award before.  When the young guns finally do make an appearance at Target Field, I can't imagine anyone other than Gardy hollering at them from the dugout. #battleyourtailoff